We are officially one week out from Last Boss Gaming’s Extra Life 24 hour marathon to support sick kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This year we will be showcasing some great two player games, retro and newer releases. Our highlights and plans look like this:


Nov. 3rd 6am: Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron

Extra life TjE panic on FunkotronTo kick off the festivities, Crosstix and I will be going back to an old Sega Genesis classic. We beat the original Toejam and Earl on our Youtube channel. After all these years, the original held up so well with its unique RNG, amazing secrets, comedy, and style. I remember enjoying Panic on Funkotron, but thinking that it felt like a knock off of all the other 2D platformers of the day. Even its unique touches did not overcome the longing for a roguelike experience of the original again. We are excited to see if Panic on Funkotron has aged well, or if it is still stuck the land of what could have been.

12pm: Mega Maker

Mega Maker 1Metroidvania games are all the rage right now in the indie market. After created my own “game” in Mega Maker, I wanted to create a huge all-encompassing level. The best way to do this was a game inspired by Super Metroid. Originally, I set out to re-make Super Metroid in Mega Maker. As I slowly expanded my map, the game lagged worse and worse. It soon became clear that for every screen I added the game froze longer and longer in the editor. Begrudgingly, I split my level into two and eliminated any unnecessary areas. Now the levels work as a training level (pt 1) and the main level (pt 2). The loads are still long. When playing through to uploading it, the level felt like a great fit with lots of exploration and unique challenges. My completion time clocked in at roughly 50 minutes. Will Crosstix be able to do better? Interesting side note, Pt 1 is actually my first level to carry a positive rating (likely because it is easy).

1:30pm: Mario Maker

Mario maker2Mario Maker has entered its third year. Amazingly, creators are still pumping out masterpieces for players to experience. My levels for Crosstix will not be those. I have created two troll levels for him. The first is a very short psychological troll. Crosstix is not a fan of the flu shots. As a result, I have made a level with flu shot pixel art. Inside the needle are little viruses (ghosts) that attack. It will be death by flu shot for Mario!
While playing a troll level I made in Mega Maker, Crosstix turned to the camera and confessed that I broke him. The second level for Mario Maker is aptly titled The Annual Breaking. The aim is to repeat that ravaging. The level is littered with falling fish, random moles, and contraptions to kill many Marios. Will Crosstix break, or will he finally break through a troll level I make?

3:00pm: Overcooked 2

OvercookedAfter such a punishing gauntlet for Crosstix’s psyche, we wanted to put in one of his favorite games, Overcooked. We have played through the original on Youtube, and followed up with the DLC for last year’s Extra Life. Now with the sequel just released it is time for us to take on Kevin one more time. Our friend James will be joining us for this epic battle.

10:00pm: A Way Out

2018 a way outLast year we finished out with a bang, Halo Master Chief Collection. This year we are taking on a co-op game that has had Crosstix salivating since it was revealed years ago at E3. The story follows two convicted prisoners trying to escape, wait for it, prison! The action adventure game presents unique puzzles and situations for players to work together in order to progress. After hours of gaming, the big question is will we have enough to escape prison or will we rot in jail?

Nov. 4th 6am- End

Extra Games- Rocket League, Cuphead
As with any gaming marathon, we have to have a few extra games up ourselves in case we destroy and dominate a game. Unlikely, but if it happens we will be playing some Rocket League and Cuphead to fill the time. Rocket League is a soccer game played in cars. The fast-paced action keeps you on the edge of your seat. Cuphead is a game filled primarily with bosses that require precision and timing. Both are excellent games that we hope to have time for.

No marathon would be complete without the interaction with viewers and friends. We invite you all to join us through chat on Twitch, watch, and most importantly, consider donating to help sick kids at Seattle Children’s hospital. Spread the word!

The Stream

Date: Nov. 3rd at 6am PST
Donation/Extra Life Page: https://www.extra-life.org/participant/LastBossGaming
Our Stream: www.twitch.tv/lastbossgamingtv
Web: Lastbossgaming.com (you are here so you better know the website by now)