The next Pokémon core game is coming out for the Switch in 2019. All across the internet fans are clamoring for an overhaul of the gameplay from previous versions. The biggest request has been for an open world in the style of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Oregon Trail Pokemon2Crosstix and I began talking about this possibility. We envisioned a Pokemon Breath of the Wild where you could sneak up on the animals (like when hunting) and throw poke balls at them. Did we stop there? No, of course not. Come with us down the Bunnelby hole. The wheels began turning in my head, what if Pokemon took more than just the open-world concept. What if hunting and cooking were incorporated? Need some lightning protection? Cook up one of your freshly caught Pikachus and you are good to go. Need to increase your swimming speed? A tasty flayed Magicarp will do the trick. Can’t handle the heat on Mt. Doom? Have no fear, just satay a Vulpix and you are good to go.
What happens when you use your favorite Pokémon too much? Being the tools they are, they break! Careful not to use your Squirtle too much or… ok this is going to get juvenile fast here.
Once we had a taste, we could not stop Mankeying around. Morbidly, we continued to daydream about the interesting inspiration Pokémon could take from a plethora of games, like with Tekken. Survival in Breath of the Wild led us to the genius idea of mashing up Pokémon with Oregon Trail.
Oregon Trail PokemonVisions of “Pikachu has died of dysentery” sold us on this possibility fast. Traveling the Oregon Trail with no Nurse Joy often resulted in Koffing and Weezing. We didn’t have a Chancy! Be ready in this mashup to see “Machamp has Cholera,” or “Mr. Mime has the Measles.” That is what he gets for clowning around. The worst though was when “Typhlosion has Typhoid Fever.” Rest assured though, when your Pokémon dies a Ghastly death, it will come back and Haunter you. I know you Flaffyed at that joke!
Oregon Trail Pokemon3Hunting in Oregon Trail was always challenging. Players needed to save precious bullets and not shoot the Rattatas or the Pidgeys. They simply did not provide enough meals to get you through your journey. The target was always waiting for a juicy Tauros sauntering across the screen. Pile up the meat and your party would be set for many days. Stantlers were also good to go after, but not quite the prize that a Tauros was.
Oregon Trail Pokemon4The Oregon Trail had many other challenges to overcome. Fording a river was always treacherous. You could pay the high price for a raft to ford across safely, but what fun was that. If you were like me, I always chose to go for the big risk and ford the river. No pain no gain right. This often meant having to read the ominous words “your Lapras has drowned”. Seeing them all floating belly up was heart breaking. That my friends was simply the price to pay when you were on the trail.
The final danger on the trail was thieves. Pokémon has the perfect answer to this in the form of Team Rocket. Snorlaxing is necessary on the trail, but doing so could bring Team Rocket out to steal your prized Miltank.
In the end, if you are lucky, then you will be greeted with a majestic picture and the message “Congratulations! You have made it to Johto! Let’s see how many points you have received.”
Ok! So, this idea was a little Farfetch’d. I hope you will forgive me and let Flygons be Flygons. For our next game mashup we will be combining Peek-A-Boo Poker and Lego Batman. On second thought, let’s not go there. Ignorance is Blissey.