We gather here today to mourn the loss Mega Man. Each one of us has been touched by his lives. He was a companion who comforted us when we stayed home from school sick. He was our teacher, who educated us about patterns and strategy. He was a warrior that demonstrated courage and determination even with a single tick of life left. He was our hero. We looked up to him and wanted to become him. If it were not for having to lose an arm to have a blaster grafted on, then we likely would have. However, his heroics made it so we did not have to.

He was born Rockman. It was a fitting name as he remained steady and grounded us all. As an android, he did not have a conventional birth, but one conceived in Dr. Light’s mind and brought to life through Light’s hard work. Growing up with a father who looks like Santa Claus would be a challenge. Thankfully, Dr. Light gave life to so many robots, that there were always a few nuts (and bolts) around to play with. In the end, none of them would ever match the greatness of Rockman.

Mega Man death 4

After Rockman’s awkward teen years, that saw him experiment with blue spandex, the world called upon him for help. It was then he would earn the title that many around the world would know him by, Mega Man. After defeating Dr. Wily and his evil plans, Mega Man hoped for peace. He watched the seasons come and go. In his desperation, he left his helmet on a hill hoping to never have to use it again. Peace did not last though and Mega Man was repeatedly called to save the day.

In-between saving the world, he enjoyed family. He and his sister were a dynamic duo that the world was not ready for, Rock and Roll. Roll was always there for him as he struggled to earn his “man” title. Roll learned everything from Mega Man. She started out just a housecleaner. He empowered her and now she fights her own battles with a Roll buster.

In hopes of settling down to a quiet life you got a dog, Rush, and a bird named Beat. They loyally followed him wherever he went. His kindness and love is what inspired them to carry him in times of need and become whatever the situation called for. Rush and Mega Man became so close that they became attached.

Mega Man Death 3Home life was not always a refuge from fighting. Mega Man’s older brother, long thought to be gone, appeared with only a whistle warning and sought to fight him. Proto Man wanted to help Mega Man become stronger by training. Proto worried that he would not be enough as he had a faulty power supply that could blow up and hurt so many. He hid to spare everyone. Though they fought, we could all see the love and transformation they both had as a result.

In the end, it was not Wily, Sigma, or a single spike that was Mega Man’s demise. His determination and bravery would never have allowed him to give up to one of those villains. No, it was neglect that ultimately did him in. His death was not the heroic one that he deserved. After your decades of valiant victories fought in vast fortresses, you quietly passed. There were no parades. No funerals. No epic explosions or rings of circles, just a silent death slow death at the hands of Capcom.

Mega Man DeathCapcom had locked him away. The world last saw the real Mega Man seven years ago in 2010 as he defeated Wily in their 10th battle. At first, we assumed our next time together was just right around the corner. As months turned into years, we began to wonder. Sure, Mega Man made appearances here and there with friends like Mario and Street Fighter. There were no solo adventures anymore. Instead, Capcom exploited him with reliving his old victories on cell phones and celebrating the long legacy with endless collections.

Mega Man, it has been seven long years since you last were with us. The world needs you again! We need you.

Your devoted fans have never forgotten you. We celebrated our landmark anniversary with you. We went all out and created you a new game. Capcom allowed us to give you a present on your anniversary, and made sure it was ok, but they no longer wanted to put in the time and effort to you. Once, you had been Capcom’s celebrated Blue Bomber, but now after all you have done for them, they ignored you.

We will miss you dear friend. We desperately try and recreate our time together with our own levels. It is not the same. Each arm blaster, dangerous robot, or death by spike will bring a painful tear to our eyes. We live in fear though of losing even these small reminders of you. Will today be the day Capcom takes you from us again?

Mega Man Death 2Even if they do, we will always remember you, Mega Man. It is painful to have gone so long without you friend, but we hope to one day be reunited.

How long will our pain last?

Only the X-buster on your arm knows for sure.