Sony always loves the performance bit of these press conferences. With crazy elaborate sets and setups for games, concerts and full orchestras performing the music, they always put on a show for us. This year was no different but how did their games stack up? Here’s what I’ve got for ya.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – August 27, 2017

Sony’s event was unfortunately marred with technical issues throughout the show and while they managed to get their shit together for the major reveals, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy took a massive hit with broken audio through the whole trailer. Fortunately, this was already a known quantity and the trailer just showed some action bits to get you hyped for the August release date. Since there was no audio, I can’t really tell you if there were any story details given! Sorry!

Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – 2017

HZD Frozen Wilds 1.png
A return to the wilds!

Horizon: Zero Dawn fans have some more to look forward to before the inevitable sequel gets made a couple years from now with a new DLC pack, The Frozen Wilds. Looks like Aloy gets to travel to the icy north this time to meet with the tribes up there and fight a new foe.

Unfortunately, the audio was broken through most of this one as well so story bits remain a mystery. Still, the high quality of the base game will undoubtedly bring fans back for more. That gets released this year.

Days Gone – Unknown Release Date

Days Gone By 3.png
It’s the guy who wants to be Norman Reedus!

Days Gone makes a return appearance after being conspicuously absent since last year’s E3. We got another gameplay look that had the main character utilizing the zombie-filled environs to his advantage.

In one encounter, he had to get through a camp filled with bandits. He placed a bear trap in the brush and threw a rock to bring a guard over there. As the guard got trapped, he started screaming, bringing the zombies down on the whole lot of them. In a similar second encounter, he blew up a dam to send a horde onto an enemy base.

Days Gone By 6.png
Shouldn’t have had a horde so close by!

While the options were repetitious, utilizing zombies as a tactical attack sounds really cool. The game isn’t a guaranteed hit but it has potential and hopefully the rumored 2017 release date will hold true.

Monster Hunter World – early 2018

Big Sword 4.png
You done goofed, little man!

Monster Hunter makes its return to Playstation home consoles with Monster Hunter World! Monster Hunter has always been far too crunchy for me, personally, but I understand why the fanbase is so passionate. Making each encounter meaningful and intense makes the win all that much more satisfying.

These games have all been massive, usually lasting many hundreds of hours for fans even on portable systems. It will be fascinating to see what Capcom can do with the power of the PS4. Be prepared for several new Twitch streamers to pop up devoted to this game… but not until 2018.

Shadow of the Colossus – 2018

Japan Studios 2.png
I’m confused too Mr. Colossus

Yeah, you read that correctly. Shadow of the Colossus coming out 2018. What that means, your guess is as good as mine. The trailer didn’t say anything about an HD remake or re-release and perhaps my memory is just bad but several of the encounters looked unfamiliar to me, including the one in the above image. Perhaps it’s going to be a complete remake from the ground up? They announced 2018 so expect to see this one sometime in 2022!

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – September 19, 2017

MvC Infinite 3.png
I didn’t like 3 and fighting games aren’t my jam but this still pulls at my heart!

Marvel vs Capcom is a series beloved for its insanity and just broken fighting mechanics. The ridiculousness is what makes it so good for fans and sets it apart from the competition. The MvC Infinite didn’t show any gameplay but it looks to be doubling down on that insanity and nostalgia via a fully fleshed out story mode.

It looks like the heroes will be hunting down the Infinity Gems… Stones… Whatever, before Ultron can get his hands on them. Cutscenes looked gorgeous and had awesome fan service like Dante tossing his dual pistols over to Rocket Raccoon or Zero being taken over by… another Marvel villain? I guess?

Single player content in fighting games is important and I am all for this story mode that looks like it is getting some real effort from Capcom.

Call of Duty: WW2 – November 3

CoD WWI 3.png

So close…

To think! We almost made it through an entire E3 season without a Call of Duty trailer! Damn you, Sony! Why! Don’t you turn away, reader, this is your fault, too! Remember last year’s trailer? How it showed a full level where someone got in a spaceship and fought their way onto a space station and Jon Snow was there? Maybe you didn’t like the sci-fi setting but that was awesome!

NOW WE HAVE THIS! This trailer was the most generic of things, showing off military guys shooting military guys with no context, nothing interesting or exciting going on, nothing. I’m sure the game itself will be fine by Call of Duty standards but dammit, I blame all of you for making me sit through that blandness for 4 minutes! \rant

Playstation VR Sizzler

FFXV VR 1.png
That food still looks delicious!

Playstation VR got a big ol’ sizzle real with several titles being name dropped all in a row. Let’s take a quick look at them all:

Skyrim VR – This will apparently be a thing. I guess Bethesda already figured out motion controls and has an engine for Fallout 4 so why not stick Skyrim in that and see what happens? I’m honestly not sure what market this is for but someone will probably buy it.

Star Child – We got a look at this side-scroller(?) that resembled a science fiction version of The Last Guardian. It had a kid apparently breaking in somewhere and revived a giant robot that protected her. Not sure on any details beyond that and I wonder why this needs to be VR but there ya go!

The Inpatient – What is it with VR that immediately says to devs, “let’s scare the living shit out of everyone!” Seriously, have you guys played Resident Evil VII? Is Sony just squashing stories of PSVR heart attacks? The Inpatient is the next psychological horror game for VR that will undoubtedly terrify loads of Let’s Players in the near future

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep – Remember when they revealed the gameplay for Final Fantasy XV and showed us that VR experience where we fought a monster and awkward journalists looked up that one girl’s skirt on stage? Yeah, Squeenix apparently decided to dump all that and make this a fishing game! The fishing mini-game looks to be expanded and made as a stand-alone (?) experience.

Bravo Team – It looks like a SWAT-esque experience but in VR. Details were extremely light and I honestly couldn’t even tell if players were walking or teleporting but it will be some type of SWAT/Spec-Ops style game

Moss – I honestly watched the beginning of this and thought they were finally making a Redwall game. I was disappointed but it will be a game about a mouse wielding a sword, taking on bigger, badder animals like crabs and snakes. Nothing in the way of plot was revealed but it looked stylish and light-hearted.

Those were all the Playstation VR games announced. The Inpatient looked scary as hell and Star Child was intriguing but nothing stood out as a must-buy title. I’m actually surprised they didn’t plug Star Trek: Bridge Crew as one of the first VR-exclusive titles that really sounded amazing. Alas, no such love from Sony.

God of War – Early 2018

God of War 8.png
He looks friendly

God of War made a repeat appearance but showing decidedly less gameplay this time around. Instead, we were shown a large cinematic trailer giving hints as to the storyline. The game will definitely take on a father/son theme as Kratos appears to be trying to cure his child of some curse, likely by the gods. They hinted that this Kratos is, indeed, canon with the previous God of War games but that significant time has passed since then.

Besides that, combat still looks gruesome, monsters still look gigantic and the Gods will be a lot more Nordic. Unfortunately, this game is still a ways off, not coming until early 2018.

Detroit: Become Human – Unknown Release Date

Detroit 1
Nobody does facial capture like Quantic Dream

Yet another repeat performance by Detroid: Become Human, the next game by the story tellers at Quantic Dream. This will be their fourth game and while they have undoubtedly nailed the artistry, it’ll be hard to separate their Blade Runner-esque story of androids becoming sentient and fighting for their freedom from all of the many other stories that have done that, not the least of which is the new Blade Runner movie coming out this year.

It will have Jesse Williams of Gray’s Anatomy fame as a lead character so that will undoubtedly bring in some fans of his… work. Seriously though, I’m happy they’re investing in some great talent since the story is really everything to these games and as skeptical as I am, I have never stopped hoping for Quantic Dream to succeed.

Detroit 3.png
Hope you can carry this one, Jesse!

Destiny 2 – September 6

Activision and Bungie showed off the first look at Destiny 2. They have a ton to prove with this popular-yet-extremely-flawed series but it looks like they may be moving in the right direction. They showed off a new antagonist who looks like he’s breaking Guardians left and right. You will have to recover from the ashes and take that big baddie down.

The story doesn’t need to revolutionize gaming but they do need to actually have a story this time around and having a central big bad that everyone can fear/strive to beat will go a long way. No gameplay was shown so we’ll have to wait to see what kind of gameplay strides have been taken.

They did announce that the Playstation 4 version will receive several exclusive features including an exclusive strike, weapon and ship. It is unknown how long these will stay exclusive for or if they will ever come to Xbox One or PC.

Spider-Man – 2018

SpiderMan 4.png
Last but 100% Not Least…

I’ve been a gamer for over 20 years and I can’t remember a time where the hit game that everyone was looking forward to was a superhero tie-in game! Sure, this isn’t really tying in with the Spider-Man animated movie coming out next year but it’s coming out at the same time sooooooo…

It’s true though, Spider-Man was probably the best looking game at this entire conference so far. In fact, as I write this, the IGN Twitch stream has been running and despite touching on the other games mentioned, they keep going back to Spider-Man as their game of the presser and I have to agree.

It looks like Insomniac is taking inspiration from the basic mechanics of the Arkham games but reworking it entirely to fit Spider-Man and from what I can tell, they’ve succeeded. Combat takes the base form but Spider-Man is far more agile, utilizing numerous acrobatic leaps and web moves to disarm and incapacitate his opponents.

Once he was done beating up some baddies and saving a captive, it was time to chase down a helicopter in what has to be the most breathtaking action sequence from a super-hero game ever. Seriously, I kept trying to screenshot this but it just came out blurry so do yourself a favor and look up the demo on YouTube RIGHT NOW. Best of all, the demo was almost entirely gameplay.

Parts of the story were also revealed and it looks like Fisk is losing ground to a new gang known as the Demons led by… someone. I honestly couldn’t make out the name but he looks kinda like Electro with weird shadow-void powers instead of electricity. One of the bigger reveals though was that this Spider-Man is NOT Peter Parker but instead, Miles Morales, something that is sure to make fans happy.


Some pretty significant tech issues aside, Sony revealed some great titles and some DLC for their already released hit games. God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Days Gone and most of all Spider-Man all looked fantastic. The biggest problem with Sony’s presser is that almost all of these games come out next year with very few coming out any time soon. Hit games like Days Gone and Detroid: Become Human aren’t even confirmed for next year, let alone this one. While rumors place both coming out end of this year, it’s disheartening to see a lack of certainty from Sony. Also, a noticeably missing title was The Last of Us: Part 2, which made no appearance at all. As one of the biggest games of last generation, it’s concerning that the sequel didn’t even get a teaser this year. Still, what we got was great and it made me wonder if 2017 is going to be the year to get a PS4.

Score: A-