Bethesda started their E3 press conference tradition with the biggest bang imaginable in 2015. They gave us almost a half hour look at each DOOM and Fallout 4 and it blew gamers minds. Any Bethesda doubters suddenly began to look forward to Bethesda as one of the best in show. This year was… less exciting… But it did have some great reveals in it’s quick 40 minute runtime! Let’s take a look.

Bethesda VR

Fallout 4 3
The only way to improve Fallout is to strap the Pip-Boy to your face!

Bethesda started off making good on their VR promises by giving us a look at how Fallout 4 and DOOM will look in VR. Both games will be fully playable with a headset but it’s unclear if movement will be handled via settings or will be unique for each game. Fallout 4 VR showed the player walking around while Doom VFR (as they’re calling it) showed a teleportation mode similar to other VR offerings.

If the idea of playing 8 hours of Fallout with a giant pair of goggles on your face sounds appealing well then you’re in luck! It’ll be coming soon!

Elder Scrolls Projects

Elder Scrolls Legends 1
What every RPG franchise needs these days: a card game!

Some gamers may be disappointed about the lack of an Elder Scrolls VI announcement but for those fans of all the numerous spin-offs, there was a lot to process here. First off, Elder Scrolls Online players can access the new Morrowind expansion right now. Elder Scrolls Legends players will be able to play the game on their phones starting next month and a new expansion, dubbed Heroes of Skyrim, will be released 6/29.

Finally, we got a look at Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch and it looked… well, I guess like Skyrim but with optional motion controls if you’re into looking like an idiot when you play!

Skyrim Switch 1
Maybe even better than a Pip-Boy on your head!

Jokes aside, having a method for easily playing Skyrim on the go sounds pretty great and I’m sure there are some folks who will be happy to jump back into Tamriel for another go when it’s released.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – September 15

Dishonored 3
Yeah! Kill that… Outsider… guy…

Dishonored fans have some additional story DLC to look forward to with Death of the Outsider. I played through the first game when it came out but didn’t play any of the DLC or the sequel. I remember the Outsider but I don’t think I got any details on the guy but I guess he’s a villain now? Or something?

Dishonored 2
You probably play as this chick? Maybe?

The purely cinematic trailer probably meant a lot more to fans of the game but I am not really sure what happened. Sorry… But more Dishonored! I know that will make more than a few people happy when it comes out in September.

Quake Champions – Beta Available Now

Quake Champions 1
They chose a unique graphical style for Quake Champions

Quake Champions is the eagerly awaited return to the Quake franchise and Bethesda clearly sees it as an eSports focused title. They announced that the beta is available now and that players should get ready for what they’re calling the Quake World Championship taking place on 8/26 which will pit players against each other for a $1,000,000 prize pool.

Gameplay looked like a faithful return to Quake’s ultra-twitchy mechanics that made it so fun back in the day. Yeah, there is a ton of skill involved but for us dirty casuals, the twitchiness levels the playing field in a great way and allows even newbies to catch pros off guard. While I haven’t tried it yet, the beta is available now and it looks great.

The Evil Within 2 – October 13, 2017

Evil Within 2 2
Does this mean something?

I’m sure there was some doubt after the lackluster response to the original but The Evil Within will get a chance at redemption with The Evil Within 2 coming in October. I didn’t play the original and just like Dishonored, the look we were given was mostly a story-based trailer with no real gameplay shown. It looked… psychadelic to say the least.

The main character, Sebastian, will be coming back and is apparently trying to save his daughter who he thought was dead but actually isn’t? I guess? Someone who betrayed him will be helping him again and he has to go back into STEM. Hope that means something to all of you because I’m completely lost!

Evil Within 2 5
Are we sure we want to save this girl?

The trailer got a great cover of the song Ordinary World though and that was cool. It’s almost cliche these days for games to use gritty remixes of classic songs in their trailers but this went a different route with it. The cover was downright cheery in tone which perfectly juxtaposed with the creepy imagery on screen. It actually made me want to pick up the first game to prepare for this sequel.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – October 27, 2017

Something 11
Wolfenstein returns!

Bethesda’s climactic trailer for this year actually won’t come as much of a surprise to folks who watched last year’s and REALLY paid attention as they hinted at a Wolfenstein: The New Colossus coming soon. Sure enough, this year, we got the trailer. The game looked great but it was hard to avoid comparison to The Man in the High Castle with a little of DOOM’s attitude.

That’s not a bad thing though as both of those things are fantastic and a return into the world of Wolfenstein is fine by me. The game appears to use DOOM’s engine so expect some fast and bloody gunplay coming soon.


Bethesda’s conference was the exact opposite of EA’s in every way. They were quick and straight to the point on every count, barely clocking in at 30 minutes and having most of the conference pre-recorded. They certainly didn’t waste anyone’s time like EA’s but on the other hand, we barely got a taste of anything announced and almost zero gameplay from any of it. It’s especially strange that we had so little gameplay considering every game comes out this year AND it’s what made Bethesda’s conferences so memorable in the past.

Still, there were some memorable and anticipated announcements made. Wolfenstein II in particular ought to make some people very happy. Many fans are also willing to give The Evil Within another chance and are happy for another leap into Dishonored. It wasn’t enough though to really make a lasting impression on most and in the wave of conferences that will take place over the next two days, it’ll likely be lost in the flood.

Score: C-