For a while, I planned on playing through Knights of the Old Republic for a retrospective but as I played it, I realized I didn’t have any new angle to write for a review. The game has been well documented and the majority of gamers alive then have played the game already. So¬†instead, I’m going to document my journey through Star Wars 4,000 years before A New Hope from a first person perspective. Enjoy!

Today, I had the supreme pleasure of waking up to some guy yelling in my face. I was still pretty out of it but he seemed to be saying something about being on a ship called the Endar Spire and how it’s getting blasted to pieces. I was about to tell the dude to shut up and let me sleep when explosions nearly knocked me out of the bed. Nothing quite like being on a sinking ship to wake you up.

My new best friend introduced himself as Trask, my roomie I’d somehow never met, and advised me on how to get dressed and open the door. Kind of odd things to explain to someone but I didn’t have a whole lot of time to judge Trask’s less-than-stellar social skills. We had to get the hell off the ship.

Trask unlocked the strangely locked door out of the room and we headed for the escape pods. Barely 10 seconds out of our sleeping quarters, we ran headfirst into a firefight. The Republic’s finest faced off against some Sith, clad in some shiny metal armor. It… didn’t go well for our guys. Despite their best efforts to ricochet lasers off of the floor, they just couldn’t manage it and instead got shot down one by one, leaving Trask and I to clean up the mess. Turns out we’re better shots than our dearly departed buddies though, fortunately for us. The Sith dropped quickly and we were rewarded with a message from our commander, Carth Onasi.

I’m not sure what it was about him but despite him throwing us a lifeline in the form of escape pods on the other end of the ship, I still wanted to punch him in the face. Still, he was offering the only way off this fireball-in-the-making so I suppose I’d cut the guy some slack. Trask and I set out to meet Carth and get the hell out of here. We cut through a few more Sith and I picked up a nice vibrosword on the way. Yeah, I know that swords aren’t exactly practical in a gunfight but whatever. They look cool as hell, alright? I don’t need your approval!

Anyway, things were going relatively smoothly considering everything around us was exploding when things took a pretty nasty turn. Right in front of us: a Sith Knight. Yeah, not just a soldier like those others we’d taken down. This guy was a full-fledged Force user and everything. I was working out how best to beg for my life¬†when suddenly Trask told me I could still make it. I didn’t quite realize what he had said until he charged in, facing down the Sith Knight on his own, shutting the door behind him.

Guess I’ll need another best friend. RIP Trask. I didn’t have much time to dwell on it though as I made a run for the escape pods. Carth was waiting for me, in person, so we could leave in the last pod, headed for the planet down below. I’m not even sure what planet it is but it has to be better than the Endar Spire. Then again, the thought of being trapped in a confined space with this guy made me reconsider facing down that Sith Knight.

Probably for the best, I didn’t get a lot of time to consider facing down my mortality as he forced me into the pod and off we went, down to the mystery planet. I could feel the Spire explode behind us and that was the last thing I remembered before waking back up to see my new captor…

to be continued!