Let’s keep this between you and me. I know if anyone finds out I am going to be ridiculed for years. Ok, deep breath. Here it goes. I am addicted. I am addicted to a bad game.

When I say bad, I do not mean morally objectionable. I enjoyed many games that have received negative press for being dangerous for people to play like GTA3, South Park, and Mortal Kombat. I have enjoyed a horror game or two before. So when I say bad, I mean a game that is barely playable. A game that’s as irritating as sandpaper in your pants. Yes, I have become addicted to a game like that.

The game is Hydlide (NES). I began playing it for our Youtube channel. My controller was lucky it survived the first few moments of the game. There were no instructions and the control was counter intuitive. When I “attack” there is no animation. I thought the game was broken. So like any self respecting gamer I looked it up on the internet.

Wait, it’s not broke? It is supposed to be like this? I run into things to kill them? My character’s name is Jim. Damn it Jim, I am a gamer not a masochist! So I trudged on for our channel. Dying again, and again, and again with the same 15 second song serenading me endlessly. I knew if I went insane it would be to the tune of this retched game’s music!

But I had to practice so we could make it through. The words of elementary basketball coaches echoed in my head, “suck it up and walk it off” (FYI-this doesn’t usually help when you get a basketball to the face).

That’s when I started to notice it. It is subtle, but it is there. I began thinking about when I would play Hydlide next. How I would get past the next part? How and where to level up?  I could play so many other games, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, Spelunky, but all I could think about was beating this monstrosity. That is when I knew, I was addicted.

I, TB, am addicted to Hydlide. I am ashamed to admit it, but I need help. The first step though is to recognize the problem right? There is no support group (no one else is dumb enough to fall for this disgusting excuse for a game), but maybe if others can come forward and admit their shameful game addictions we can support one another through this.

Have you ever had a bad game addiction? Don’t be afraid. This is a safe place to comment and get it out.