We have officially launched. Mark this day down in your calendars ladies and gentleman. Bosses, put your self on notice as we have begun.

There are some great games we have planned coming up. Our focus to begin with is going to be two player games. This is so we can have the incredibly deep dialog that only Crosstix and TB can- “Its a tank!” We are starting off with a few NES classics (and not so classics). Jackal will be our first game. We will follow this up with a few other NES games. Do not worry though as we will be hitting all the systems to show some of the great two player games.

Pro gamers we are not. So definitely check out our low light reel as we go through our boneyard after each “We Play”. These videos will highlight every single death we made. We will countdown the worst and most pathetic ones too.

We will be adding much more content as time goes on so please subscribe and check back often.

Game on!